New Apple 12.9″ iPad Pro Quick Look

My old iPad was fine, but it was the smaller of the iPad Pro line and the refresh that Apple announced for the new model caught my eye because of promised improvements in speed, power and the Liquid Retina display, and the announcement of a coming-soon keyboard with trackpad. I was also intrigued by the […]

Moment Pro Camera App Adds Time-lapse

Pro Camera is one of our favorite apps for the company iPhone 11 Pro Max. And it just got better. We haven’t tested the latest version (4.0) very much due to the quarantine, but we played around with it but we can confirm it works. Moment says it’s the best way to shoot time-lapses on […]

iPhone Photos App Easier To Navigate In iOS 13

With the Photos App on your iPhone running iOS 13, your photos are automatically sorted into groups based on time and location. Moments are small groups and large groups are Collections. Years is the largest group of photos.

Avoid Draining Your iPhone Battery

While this is not a specific photo tip, it is important to those who use their iPhone as a camera. You cannot make pictures if your battery is drained so here are seven tips to keep that iPhone battery alive and well. (In no particular order…) 1. Dim Your iPhone’s Screen or Turn on Auto-Brightness […]

iPhone Photography Basics – Quick Camera Access

Sometimes action happens when you least expect it. When the perfect moment happens, but you don’t have your phone camera powered on, you can miss the shot of a lifetime. Thankfully, iPhone has you covered. Even if your phone is in your pocket, you can have it ready to shoot in under two seconds.

Turn Off Portrait Mode After The Fact

Portrait mode is a fun and powerful computational photography tool that simulates the BOKEH effect. Learn how to turn it off in photos you’ve already shot.

Adjust Exposure Using iOS Camera App

Serious photographers should avail themselves of at least one of the many third-party camera apps that give more control over the photographic process. FilmicPro, ProShot and Halide Camera come to mind.