Remote Interviews: Three Problems. One Possible Solution.

Zoom, Google Hangouts & Skype. While powerful, they all lack a few key tools that would make it much easier to produce remote interviews, with higher production value, for pros and hobbyists alike. Let’s explore how we might solve this problem.

Adjust Exposure Using iOS Camera App

Serious photographers should avail themselves of at least one of the many third-party camera apps that give more control over the photographic process. FilmicPro, ProShot and Halide Camera come to mind.

To Use JPEG Or HEIC? That Is The Question

We have seen more and more press on High Efficiency Image Format (HEIC is the acronym Apple uses for High Efficiency Image Format because technically Apple implements a container approach.

iPhone 11: Photos Outside the Frame

If you use an iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max, you can activate a setting in your camera app that allows you to capture data outside the frame.