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Doug Daulton

10 Social Follows For Mobile Creators

Social media has become a powerful tool in the modern era. Often, it can be a cesspool of ugliness, filled with personal attacks, doxxing, and

100 Years, 100 Shots
Doug Daulton

100 Years/100 Shots

A journey through the past 100 years of cinema. This video was crafted by Jacob T. Swinney, and he picked what he felt was the most memorable shot from each year.

Jim Henson & Kermit
Doug Daulton

250 Seconds of Storytelling Inspiration

It is not very long, but this video walks through the history of cinema while inspiring the watcher with quotes from famous films. You need not be a filmmaker to be inspired; just a storyteller.

Doug Daulton

Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan

Woven into this homage is a very interesting look into Harryhausen’s creative process. He and his father built all of the armatures and models in his home studio. And, his in-camera compositing techniques broke new ground in the field and served as a model for software like Adobe After Effects.