iographer MultiCase
Scott Bourne

iOGRAPHER – Handheld Smartphone Holder

More and more people are using their smart phone for casual video and/or photography. The problem is that few people are able to do so without their hands or arms shaking – well most people over 35 anyway.

Scott Bourne

Proper Care of Your Smartphone’s Camera Lens

Your iPhone camera lens is a precision piece of optical material that can be scratched or get dirty. This will negatively impact the quality of your photos. Consider treating this lens like you would any camera lens. You need to keep it clean.

Doug Daulton

The Emerging Open Source Camera

Everyday, technology continues the march towards the “computer with optics” as opposed to the mechanical camera. This evolution makes once difficult shots easier to obtain and opens the doors to new methods of imaging for both motion and stills.