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Nomad Kevlar USB-C/Universal Cable

The Nomad Kevlar USB-C/Universal Cable offers lots of flexibility. It is designed to be fastest USB-C charging cable for your laptop/camera/smartphone, other USB-C, and Micro USB devices. If you have this cable, you can quickly transition between USB-A, USB-C, and Micro USB connectors to charge your devices.

MeFoto Sidekick Plus
Scott Bourne

MeFOTO SideKick360

There are lots of ways to attach your iPhone to a tripod. We have tried many. If you’re shooting stills or video, this is one of the very best, hands-down.

Scott Bourne

First Look @ FiLMiC Pro

Could a smartphone replace your “real” camera? Well now it seems, that some people have just decided the answer to that question is “yes.”

Scott Bourne

iPhone Photos App Easier To Navigate In iOS 13

With the Photos App on your iPhone running iOS 13, your photos are automatically sorted into groups based on time and location. Moments are small groups and large groups are Collections. Years is the largest group of photos.

Scott Bourne

Filmic Releases DoubleTake

Filmic continues to demonstrate its loyalty to mobile filmmakers by releasing DoubleTake, a standalone app that transforms your iPhone into a mobile multi-cam studio.

Scott Bourne

Rotate Video in iOS 13

Every once in a while, we make the mistake of using our iPhone to record video as if we are making a still photograph. We tend to prefer vertical photos and accordingly, don’t always remember to rotate the phone to horizontal for video.

Scott Bourne

Avoid Draining Your iPhone Battery

While this is not a specific photo tip, it is important to those who use their iPhone as a camera. You cannot make pictures if

Benro X-Series 3XS 3-Axis Handheld Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer
Scott Bourne

Benro 3XS 3-Axis Handheld Smartphone Stabilizer

There are many stabilizers available for smart phones. Frankly, most aren’t great and some are nearly worthless.

We’ve been testing a few of these devices while on a road trip and the 3XS 3-Axis Gimbal from Benro has quickly risen to the top of our favorites list.

Scott Bourne

iPhone Photography Basics – Quick Camera Access

Sometimes action happens when you least expect it. When the perfect moment happens, but you don’t have your phone camera powered on, you can miss the shot of a lifetime. Thankfully, iPhone has you covered. Even if your phone is in your pocket, you can have it ready to shoot in under two seconds.