Doug Daulton

Office Hours with Alex Lindsay

Alex Lindsay has a unique ability to see around corners when it come to where production, especially for live events, is headed. When the COVID-19 pandemic sequestered us all at home, he did something only Alex would. He threw a learning party and invited everyone in the world.

black smartphone displaying Tik Tok logo
Doug Daulton

TikTok: The Devil’s In The Details

TikTok is the fastest growing distribution platform for mobile creators. However, concerns have been raised about the app as a national security risk. Let’s take a deeper look.

Doug Daulton

First Feature: Lessons Learned

In the summer of 2014, a crew of first-time film makers traveled to Iceland and shot Bokeh, an independent feature film. Some had production experience, others were raw beginners. All learned a lot about the process of making feature films.

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Doug Daulton

What is a Producer?

Director is obvious. Cinematographer too. But what exactly does a Producer do? Let’s see if we can answer that.

Doug Daulton

What Navy SEALs can teach Producers

When all is said and done, leadership is the primary responsibility of a Producer. A common fallacy of leadership is that one is born with the ability to lead. As Vince Lombardi said: “Leaders are made, not born.”