Doug Daulton

Excellent Video Begins With Excellent Sound

Alex Lindsay is fond of saying “If your sound is bad, your image can be pristine and the viewer will disconnect.” For this reason, every talented filmmaker I know is fanatical about their audio records, regardless of how big or small the job.

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Doug Daulton

What is a Producer?

Director is obvious. Cinematographer too. But what exactly does a Producer do? Let’s see if we can answer that.

Doug Daulton

What Navy SEALs can teach Producers

When all is said and done, leadership is the primary responsibility of a Producer. A common fallacy of leadership is that one is born with the ability to lead. As Vince Lombardi said: “Leaders are made, not born.”

Scott Bourne

Moment Lenses For Smartphones

We bit the bullet and ordered a set of Moment gear for our iPhone 11 Pro Max. Moment makes everything from phone cases, to lenses and other accessories that the aspiring shutterbug (or filmmaker) would ever want.

The Hobbit Google+ Hangout with Peter Jackson, Evangeline Lilly and Richard Armitage - youtube
Doug Daulton

Peter Jackson on Fight Scenes as Story

Peter Jackson discusses the value of framing combat sequences, particularly long ones, so they hold the viewer’s attention by advancing the stories of the central characters.

Scott Bourne

LumaFusion iOS Workflow Extended to Final Cut Pro X

New LumaFusion XML Export Feature Bridges Award-Winning iOS Editing Workflow to FCPX Desktop Editing Platform Luma Touch ( today announced the release of its highly-anticipated

MeFoto Sidekick Plus
Scott Bourne

MeFOTO SideKick360

There are lots of ways to attach your iPhone to a tripod. We have tried many. If you’re shooting stills or video, this is one of the very best, hands-down.

Scott Bourne

First Look @ FiLMiC Pro

Could a smartphone replace your “real” camera? Well now it seems, that some people have just decided the answer to that question is “yes.”