Dr. Clyde Huston family on front porch of their home 1907
Doug Daulton

Memories Of Quarantine

“Porch Portraits” are becoming a thing during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they come with inherent problems. Here are a few ways to scratch that itch while staying safe.

Doug Daulton

Moviola & Mobile Cinematography

Recently, I discovered that Moviola has a huge, freely available library of educational videos and a well-curated collection of film-making advice from around the web.

Doug Daulton

Canon EOS Cameras as Webcams?

Canon recently announced the release of EOS Webcam Utility Beta. As a long time Canon shooter, I was excited. So, how does it hold up to the promise?

Doug Daulton

Office Hours with Alex Lindsay

Alex Lindsay has a unique ability to see around corners when it come to where production, especially for live events, is headed. When the COVID-19 pandemic sequestered us all at home, he did something only Alex would. He threw a learning party and invited everyone in the world.

Doug Daulton

The Sound Summit

Sound Summit kicks off tomorrow; filling the gap left by the NAB show floor by providing sound professionals an opportunity to learn more about new audio production tools entering the market in 2020.

Scott Bourne

10 Things Mobile Creators Can Learn From Stephen King

Stephen King is a prolific, talented and well-known writer. After reviewing some of his advice to fellow writers, I have compiled a list of things that mobile creators can use to improve their content, even if it’s purely visual.

Doug Daulton

Red Giant Brings ILM To Your Desktop

Recently, Red Giant made their entire VFX toolset free … for students, teachers and faculty members at high schools, universities or colleges. Go get it and make something special!

black smartphone displaying Tik Tok logo
Doug Daulton

TikTok: The Devil’s In The Details

TikTok is the fastest growing distribution platform for mobile creators. However, concerns have been raised about the app as a national security risk. Let’s take a deeper look.