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Social media has become a powerful tool in the modern era. Often, it can be a cesspool of ugliness, filled with personal attacks, doxxing, and conspiracy theories. I get why some people avoid it altogether.

But, in my experience, the good far outweighs the bad, especially when it comes to finding one’s creative “tribe” and learning with and from them.

Below, I’ve listed 10 folks I follow on social media for just those reasons. This list is by no means exhaustive. Over the summer, we plan to add a directory dedicated to folks like this and add to it over time.

Consider this a taste of good things still to come.

Alex Lindsay

Head of Operations, 090 Media

As I’ve said elsewhere, Alex has the uncanny ability to see around corners and know where media is headed. Want to understand the leading edge of media & technology convergence? Start with Alex.

Blake Calhoun


The driving force behind iPhoneographers, Calhoun is one of original voices of making films on phones. His feeds are a great resource for the tools & techniques one needs to make great mobile films.

Cassius Rayner

iPhone Filmmaker

As a cinematographer who work almost exclusively on iPhones, Rayner really puts the phones, accessories & apps through the wringer. In his feeds, he is generous with the learning he takes from his experiments.

Matt Workman

VR Cinematographer

Workman is creating an entirely new discipline and it is fascinating. He does not shoot on phones. Rather, he has built a rig to allow him to merge virtual and real world cinematography in the Unreal engine. Convergence with mobile is inevitable.

Ryan Summers

Creative Director, School of Motion

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who loves and champions motion graphics artists more than Ryan. His feed is full of of great insight into the field and where it is headed.

Andy Beach

Principal SDE, Microsoft, C&M

Andy’s feed includes a well-curated list of the latest developments in streaming media. Also, he wrote the book on Video Compression. Want to make your content load fast and look great? Start there.

Brian Koppleman

Writer/Producer, Billions

With his writing partner David Levien, Koppleman has created both Billions and Rounders, arguably the best poker film ever made. His feed is filled with insight and encouragement for creators of every stripe.

C. Robert Cargill

Screenwriter & Novelist

Cargill has written or co-written several novels and screenplays, including Marvel’s Dr. Strange. While I love his work, I love his support of creators even more. He regularly shares advice and encouragement with his audience.

Philip Hodgetts

President, Lumberjack System

Hodgetts is digital workflow innovator and has been on the ground floor of many technical advances in post-production over the last 20 years. His feed is a well-curated looking into the ever-changing landscape of post-production.

Stu Maschwitz

Chief Creative Office, Maxon

I’ve already sung the praises of The DV Rebel’s Guide. Though his resume is full of big budget tentpoles, Maschwitz has always been a steadfast advocate for independent creators. His feed reflects it.

Have someone you think I should follow? Link to them in the comments and I’ll check them out.

Image Credits: Eric Lucatero.

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Doug Daulton

Doug’s career has been invested in leveraging emerging technology to tell stories that interest him and helping others do the same. His work includes ground-breaking, high-profile live streams and independent feature films.

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