Office Hours with Alex Lindsay

Office Hours with Alex Lindsay & Friends

Alex Lindsay has a unique ability to see around corners. especially when it come to where production, especially for live events, is headed. When the COVID-19 pandemic sequestered us all at home, he did something only Alex would.

He threw a “learning party” and invited everyone in the world.

I’ve had the great fortune to know Alex for the last 13+ years and work alongside him for almost five of those years. Every day was a challenge, in the best possible way. His teams pushed hard to be at the leading edge of production technology.

As a result, we broke new ground in multi-camera, live stream production. We were the first folks to live stream from the floor of CES, NAB, Siggraph and CineGear. Our work took us around the world making live streams possible where they never had been before.

Now, live streaming is not only common but, with a global quarantine in place, it is necessary. So, of course, Alex is using it to help people build the skills they will need to apply live streaming to every facet of our daily lives.

Below I’ve compiled a playlist of the first 10 recorded episodes of “Office Hours”. Watch it!

Office Hours with Alex Lindsay and Friends

While the format is informal, it is focused. Panel participants are working production professionals from around the world. Topics cover the gamut of production disciplines and applications: pre-production planning, post-production, distribution and everything in-between.

When deep dives are needed, they are planned for a focused “second hour” and weekend events often include 3-5 hour long “deep dive” sessions.

Best of all, if you are watching the live show, it is interactive. You can post questions in the chat and have them answered on air. This sort of access to working professionals is entirely unprecedented.

My ONLY quibble with the show is that I have not been able to attend as many as I would like. But, that is on me and I am working on that.

So, whether you are just breaking into production or have 15 years in the black shirt, back-of-house trenches, this show is absolutely worth your time; particularly while you are stuck at home.

Check out the information below for the show schedule and then sign up to join the show. You’ll receive email reminders about the show and advance notice of the schedule so you can block out time on your calendar to attend!

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Doug Daulton

Doug’s career has been invested in leveraging emerging technology to tell stories that interest him and helping others do the same. His work includes ground-breaking, high-profile live streams and independent feature films.

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  1. I have been attending each morning for the last couple of weeks and it has been very informative with Alex fielding some of my own questions. Well worth getting up early to attend!

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