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I am convinced that more smartphone cases are sold than smartphones made. Why? Because me and my friends always end up buying three, four, five in order to find our favorite. Also, I think there are other people like me who sometimes use different cases for different reasons, as I will explain in a “moment.” (See what I did there?)

I am a fan of Moment’s add-on lenses for smartphones. I own their Tele, Anamorphic, Macro and 18mm Wide lens. In order to make these lenses work with my iPhone 11 Pro Max, I have to use a case with an “M-mount.” That means buying a case from Moment or one of their partners, like Nomad.

I purchased the Moment iPhone Case, the Moment iPhone Thin Case and the Nomad Rugged iPhone Case. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and I actually ended up deciding to use two of the three. Here’s how they break down.

NOTE: You can see all the details on these cases at

Moment Photo Case

Moment Photo Case

This case allows photographers to mount Moment lenses on the case very quickly and easily. Itis the first Moment case I ever owned. This case is relatively thick (but not quite as thick as the Nomad) and it offers good phone protection. It’s also Qi Wireless compatible.

It is made of a rubberized body. It can work with a wrist or camera strap. Moment says it has a lifetime warranty.

In practice, this case works well to both protect the phone and to mount Moment lenses. It’s attractive and comes in different color options. Like most designer cases prices are on the high side at $39.99 retail.

I found it easy to work with. It grips well and in my very controlled test, it did well with its ability to protect in case of drops. The buttons on the side of the phone work well with this case.

The place where you mount the Moment lenses is very sturdy and it’s easy to make a solid connection.

The problem is that I just don’t feel like the case is “all that.” I know it’s got questionable sturdiness. How? I attached a thin, overpriced, camera strap (also purchased from Moment) to use to carry the phone around on my neck. Very practical. Except – Within three weeks of buying the case and using the strap, the small plastic bit that you attach the strap to came off. It just broke.

Fortunately I caught the phone when this happened so it didn’t crash to the concrete in a very UNCONTROLLED drop test. According to Moment, their cases have a lifetime warranty. I could send it back for a replacement, but the best I could hope for is that they would send me another case which would be subject to the same manufacturing/design flaw regarding the strap so why bother? If they offered a money back guarantee, that would be something meaningful.

Moment Thin iPhone 11 Pro Max Case.

Moment Thin Case

At $29.99 this is the most affordable case of the three. That and the fact that I decided the camera strap thing probably wouldn’t work out for me no matter the Moment case, are the main reasons I selected this case. And one other thing… I picked this one because it is thin. This is important if you use gimbals (or some other phone accessories meant to mount the phone and use as a camera) because the thick cases are hard for the gimbal to grab.

Before I go on, the case I bought was new in January, 2020. This is the second version of the thin case. From reading the forums it appears that the first iteration was panned for having a weak connection to Moment lenses that rotated when you tried to attach a lens. This was the first thing I tested when I got this case. They solved that problem, but the connection point, unlike with the standard Moment iPhone case, seems flimsy. It seems like it would be easy to tweak and I don’t know how secure the connection is to the lens. Maybe this is a concern for Moment too because it appears there is yet another version of this case in the works.

Other than that, this is actually my favorite case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I like thin cases. I feel like there’s sufficient protection to the phone even if it isn’t as strong as the standard case. It’s strong enough. There is a raised edge to protect the screen and I have added a screen protector. The buttons on the side of the phone also work extremely well with this case. It is the first case in the Moment line to be biodegradable and it is also compatible with Qi Wireless charging.

The case is super easy to grip and hold on to. It fits well in both of my (gimbals Zhiyun Smooth Q2 and the Free-fly Movi Cinema Robot) and I feel safe knowing it won’t slip out of the gimbal. I cannot say that about any of the other cases I mention here.

Ironically enough, I probably won’t use this case with Moment lenses unless I am in a hurry. I will use the next case on the list, expressly for that purpose.

Nomad Rugged iPhone Case w/ M-Mount.

Moment Nomad Case

At $49.99 it is the most expensive of the cases reviewed here. I presume it is more expensive because it is made with Black Horween leather, from the USA, that develops a patina with time and takes on a look totally unique to your case.

Of the three cases, it has the most solid feel and very rugged construction: Rated for 6 Ft Mil Spec Drop protection. It’s also Qi Wireless compatible.

It is a simple design that works and it has the most secure connection to the Moment lenses of the three cases I purchased. It is a little thick for the gimbals and because of that I might switch back to the thin case when I have a long day of gimbal-based, iPhone shooting ahead of me. But hand held or on a tripod, slider, dolly, etc., this case is the one I would recommend because it is so sturdy.

You can attach a strap or lanyard to this case. There are two lanyard attachment points, both built into the reinforced speaker ports on the bottom edge of Rugged Case.


I think Moment has made important contributions to the mobile filmmaking world and in general, I am a huge fan. They have made it possible for me to do some of the work I want to do. I like their app. I like their lenses. I mostly like their cases.

I don’t think you can go wrong with the Moment Thin case if you just want a great case. I’d pick the Nomad for mounting lenses. Your mileage may vary.

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Scott Bourne (ASINWP) is a professional wildlife photographer, filmmaker, author and lecturer who specializes in birds. He’s been involved with photography for more than four decades and his work has appeared in more than 200 publications.

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